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small town series

Imagine you're on a road trip; no particular rush to get where you're going. You decide that there's too much traffic on the highway so you're going to "take the back roads".

How amazing would it be to know a little more about some of those towns you're passing through? Maybe instead stopping at a chain restaurant for a coffee you could sit at a sweet little cafe, or you could enjoy lunch somewhere more cozy and authentic than your normal fast food go-to.

That is the idea behind this part of my blog! In my travels I've come across countless charming little stopover spots whether it was just for lunch, or for a rest on a long roadtrip. Sometimes the hidden gems in these places are worth a couple extra hours added on to your adventure.

So sit back, enjoy the ride, and maybe take a back road every once in a while!

- xo

Brittney ​

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