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Travel has always been something that makes me feel complete. The excitement, adventure, cultures, and experiences that come with seeing new places have become a craving that I need to feed. The definition of wanderlust is "a strong desire to travel", while the term fernweh elevates that urge into a need. Fernweh is the ache for distant places; essentially it is the opposite of homesickness where being at home makes you sad. This is the exact feeling that describes my lust for travel. 

When I first created Brittney Lynn Photography, I found it really hard to tell the stories behind the photos without writing a whole paragraph. A title on the photo and a short caption just didn't cut it. I love food, culture, wine, history, and fashion so it was really difficult to pick and choose what parts I mentioned without overloading the viewers who were just there for the photography aspect. Here is where the blog comes in!

In creating itty britty adventures, I'm able to post chapters for my viewers to read through to give a better breakdown on the places they're seeing photos from. I can share stories, outfits, restaurant recommendations, and general travel tips to equip other people with knowledge that I wish I'd had before visiting. 

Click to check out my Adventure Editions !

In addition to including big trips, I have decided to also feature a series on "small towns". These will be posted periodically when I'm travelling through and will highlight places you might want to check out if you're in the neighbourhood! 

Check out my Small Town Series !


Thank you for reading! Please feel free to send any questions my way if there's something more you'd like to know!


- xo 

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