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I'm Brittney

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I'm a small town Canadian girl, from Fort Erie, Ontario. Travel has been my passion from a very young age and I feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced so much of our beautiful planet as a photographer. 

I remember as a child always having a disposable camera. I was a tiny, persistent four year old who would shout "gather up everyone!" at my family while snapping haphazardly. To their surprise, most of the shots turned out completely straight and centered.

My love for photos at a young age progressed as I grew. My parents bought me my first DSLR as a birthday gift when I was thirteen. I was the only one from my group of friends that didn't have a small, cute, pink camera that fit in my back pocket at concerts. I had detachable lenses and a suitcase for a purse everywhere I went. And I loved it. 

My gear and experience have matured, but that same little girl with a camera and a love for capturing memories is still with me on every shoot. 

I've grown to really enjoy shooting weddings, portraits, landscapes, wildlife, architecture, transportation, and culture - however I'm always trying to expand my portfolio and grow as a photographer. Recently I've found a passion for commercial and lifestyle product photography, where I'm able to help others showcase their products coupled with my creative visions.

I am currently based in Niagara.

I provide local photography services in Niagara, and frequently travel to locations across Hamilton, GTA, Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph, and Kawartha Lakes. I am also available for travel outside of Ontario, across Canada, in the US, and internationally. 

Please contact me to discuss fees.